A woman has a penis
Woman is female
Penis is female
Penis in vagina is lesbian

A man has a uterus
Man is male
Uterus is male
Abortion is a men’s issue

Bodies aren’t important
Sex is not gender
Yet to treat transgender
Surgery and hormones
Edit the body to appear the other sex

Woman is an internal feeling
Woman is not a social construct
Woman is the nature of your brain
Woman is as woman is seen
Women who do not conform do not exist

Female bodies do not matter
Female experience does not matter
Female desires do not matter
Males have named us and our name is “Cis”


Misadventures in Genderland


No Comments

I have decided to disable comments on this blog.  I am going to be writing autobiographical posts and posts about my point of view on various issues, especially as related to feminism and my experience as a woman.

I am writing to write, as the title of this blog states.

I am not writing to argue.

Sometimes I get really tired of the comment culture we have going on now.  It used to be, you read a news article and then you just thought about it or maybe discussed it with your friends and family.  Now there’s an endless stream of people vying for attention and trying to prove that they are right in comments.  I comment on a lot of articles on Facebook and sometimes I wonder why.  Who really cares?  I doubt an internet comment has ever changed someone’s mind.

Comments are antagonistic, and I have also been guilty of this.  There’s something about a comment section that just begs you to tell people they are wrong.  A lot of people are wrong and mean and stupid and it feels good to tell them so.  On the other hand, it’s not very pleasant when you’re the target of the comments.

Look, I don’t care if you disagree with me.  I don’t care to hear the mansplaination.  I want to write about my own life and my own thoughts without the noise of people who need to prove something in the comment section of other people’s blogs or advertise themselves.

I’m pretty sure society was better before there were comments.

So you will find no comments here.  Writing to write.


This Is

I have blogged about various specific subjects in the past, but recently I decided that I would like to create a site dedicated to writing about anything and everything that interests me.  I want to write about whichever subjects inspire me at the moment without worrying that they fit the theme of my site. From my prior experiences I have found that the subject of my blog inevitably starts to feel restrictive because my focus in life changes and morphs as time progresses.  Eventually I feel the need to move on.

I am a visual artist, but I also love to write.  I consistently kept journals in tiny decorative notebooks from age 13 to 26.  They are taped up in a box, not to be opened until an undetermined time in the future when I feel prepared to explore them.  Blogging replaced journaling.  Regardless of the form, writing has always been an expressive and cathartic activity for me.  Lately I have not been writing because I had truly outgrown my last blog to the point where I found the subject of it to be completely uninteresting.  I had nothing left to say on the matter.  I was over it.

When I change my mind and move on, I really do it.  I don’t tend to look back.

This blog is going to have no cohesive theme, except that it is written by me.  I am writing just to write.  I’m not giving any hints about what I will write about.  I will just write.